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Sulis Software Ltd
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

Verbs and Adverbs is the second of a trilogy of Grammar Tree programs, the others being Nouns and Adjectives and Sentences. All three are intended as a popular learning kit for "anyone who wants to organise all those half forgotten bits of information about basic grammar into a straight forward, cohesive system of grammar".

Although the accompanying booklet gives information about 'correctness', the screen text misspells the word 'beginning', and the booklet includes a sentence which is grammatically incorrect' When the program has loaded, the following profound sentences appear on the screen: "In the beginning was the sentence (the Bible calls t the Word). The sentence is divided into the subject and the predicate." An extremely irritating bleep forces you to rush through all the information given, which of course means that none of it is absorbed. The sentences used for examples, such as "Patsy sings sheepish songs", are trite and silly.

The menu on the first cassette offers a range of options from Verb and Noun phrases to Auxiliaries and Suppressed Verbs. The second cassette contains exercises to test understanding of the theory. Sentences appear on the screen, and the task is to select the correct group of words to fill the blank. One of the sentences to test knowledge of noun phrases is " ...............was standing by the lamppost", and the choice is from People today, you and me, you and he. Certainly Higgins. or Higgins.

The scoring system is rather odd as, after answering four questions. I was informed that I had scored 12 out of 12 one of the questions was repeated three times' I'm afraid that this program is no better than the worst sort of grammar text book, and at least the latter doesn't make silly noises.


Control keys: one key commands
Keyboard play: good
Graphics: none, apart from a simple diagram
Use of colour: limited
General Rating: A good way to put the user off studying grammar fo life.

Not Rated

Screenshot Text

"Could put you off grammar for life..." Henry looks as if he may well have a flea circus!