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GCE Tutoring
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

There are eight programs on this tape covering arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, sets, statistics, transformational geometry, matrices and calculus. When each program has loaded, a list of the topics it covers is displayed on the screen for selection.

The first program offers information on fractions, decimals, rounding, accuracy, indices, square roots, and so on. A brief explanation of the topic is given, together with a few examples, then the student is given more questions to tackle solo. The information is rather sketchy, but I suppose that if the program is used only for revision in conjunction with text books, students may find it quite useful. The trouble is, there are already a fairly large number of study aid programs for O level Maths revision on the market, and these are of such a high standard that a program like is made to look somewhat amateurish. It doesn't help that words are split in odd places at the end of a line, or that spelling mistakes occur rather too often to be overlooked. The program, however, is quite cheap well within the budget of a sixteen year-old.


Control keys: C to move on, together with all letter and number keys
Keyboard play: reasonable, though there are a few long pauses between screens
Graphics: limited
Use of colour: simply black lettering on a yellow background
General Rating: Covers a lot of ground in a rather sketchy way. Amateurish.

Not Rated

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"Could put you off grammar for life..." Henry looks as if he may well have a flea circus!