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John Pitcher
Adventure: RPG
ZX Spectrum 48K
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Chris Palmer
Mat Gubbins

The blurb on the back of the packaging describes Mindstone as 'bound to enter the annals as one of the true classics in micro adventures!' Well, I know it's a tough job writing product descriptions, but it seems like someone didn't check out the product first to see whether it would stand up to such an outright boast. Now I'm not saying that Mindstone is a lousy game, it's just I don't think it really rates as a 'classic'.

It's basically an adventure game which uses single key inputs to replace the normal text inputs. In the game you control Prince Kyle and three of his companions on a quest to recover the Mindstone which has been stolen by Kyle's brother, Nemesar. To do this you must travel through the Shadowlands, solving problems, finding objects, casting spells and generally carrying on like a true adventure type person.

The problems you face during the quest seem to fall mainly into the old class of finding the right object to use in the right situation.

There are also some trading elements in the game as you have to equip your team and buy extra information or trade with other characters in order to further your journey.

Mindstone is a fairly average adventure style game with a few interesting features like optical icon control. Nothing to write home about.