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Mirrorsoft Ltd
Mike Kent
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

Crack It' Towers is a collection of puzzles which you must complete to steal the secret of Count Crack It's powers. Each of the rooms in the Towers contains a puzzle which has to be solved and to enter a room a player has to pass a mental arithmetic test.

The first room is the home of Oswald the Rubber-necked Duck and the puzzle is to guess what Oswald wants for his dinner. Puzzles in the other rooms include working out the next number in a sequence, moving through a maze by means of the directions north., south, east or west, working out co-ordinates and completing the missing letters in a word. If a player fails a challenge he gets a ducking in a moat infested with piranha and even if he is successful in the puzzles he still has to cope with other problems which crop up.

There are three skill levels to choose from difficult, more difficult or impossible and there is also the option of changing the sets of words in the word problems, a feature which extends the game's educational potential. A nicely written Visitors' Guide Book accompanies the game, giving hints on how to solve the puzzles and introducing the characters Jim the Jellyfish. Albert the Allen and so on. The only thing that bothered me about this game is the claim that it is suitable for 'puzzle fans of any age'. Crack It' Towers is a game most definitely for children aged seven and over why pretend otherwise?


Control keys: each puzzle has different requirements and the control keys are clearly described in the booklet
Keyboard play: good, but it is annoying that if you inadvertently press the wrong key it is impossible to delete
Graphics: very nice
Use of colour: good
General ratings: an enjoyable program with a sense of humour which children will enjoy. The large range of puzzles andproblems will hold a child's attention for quite a while

Not Rated