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Chalksoft Ltd
Dereck B. Riddell
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

I always like CHALKSOFT's software, and this package keeps up their high standard. Note Invaders contains three programs. Side One of the tape holds Note Invaders. a version of the shoot 'em down type of game, in which a note travels across the staff and you have to press the correct key for the note (A to G) to release a rocket before the note wipes you out! You can choose to have the notes on the treble or bass clef, and with three levels of difficulty, the game can become fast and furious. The quicker the note is recognised, the more points are scored, and the highest scores are shown on the screen.

The second side of the tape contains two programs, Staff 1 and Staff 2. The first one teaches the basics of reading the staff, and helps the user learn the names of the notes. The clef is explained, together with leger lines, and the old mnemonic "Every Good Boy Deserves Football" is also taught, Staff 2 provides a test of twenty questions, and notes are shown on screen as a is heard. The teacher can choose to set questions on the treble or bass clef, and has the option of using the program with one pupil, or as a repeating test for a number of pupils. During the test, notes appear on the staff, and the pupil must name them correctly. If a question is answered incorrectly, the screen display reverts to the teaching mode, showing the named notes. If desired, the scores may be retained in memory until the teacher calls them up.

This is a really excellent little program which all beginners should enjoy and benefit from. The game in particular, makes the mastering of the basics a fun task and is ideal for young learners.


Control keys: kept very simple
Keyboard play: very responsive
Graphics: excellent
Use of colour: very effective
Sound: extremely good
General Rating: Highly recommended.

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