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Terry Dywer
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

Do you read your horoscope in the paper every day? Have you ever wondered how astrologists work out their calculations? Well, here's your chance to learn! Three short programs are contained on this tape: the first calculates your birthchart according to the information you feed in, while Planets and Signs teach a bit about the interpretation of the information, To calculate your own birthchart, you need to know not on, gout date of birth, but also the exact time in hours and minutes, and the latitude and longitude of your birthplace - look it up in an atlas' Having entered all this information according to the screen prompts, you sit back while the computer does the calculations. These are then displayed on the screen, and a print-out can be obtained.

The 16-page booklet which accompanies the program tries to explain how to read your char, but I found it all rather confusing. I think that my ego functions in a pleasure-loving way, and that unusual acts are done protectively, but what does it all mean in simple language? The booklet does give a warning that a great deal of experience is required before correct word-portraits can be achieved, and that this program gives you lust a taster.

The programs on Planets and Signs teach you that each planet stands for a psychological principle or related group of principles (the Sun, for instance, represents power and vitality), while each sign stands for a mode of expression, a way of doing things. Having learned the basics, you can then test your memory and obtain a final score. If you want to continue your study of astrology, the booklet recommends a couple of good books and gives the address of the Astrological Association. Or, of course, you can buy some more of ASTROCALC'S programs - contact them at 67 Peascroft Road, Hemel Hempstead, Herts.


Control keys: mainly single letter commands
Keyboard play: good
Graphics: none
Use of colour: limited
General Rating: Rather unsophisticated in terms of screen display and booklet presentation, but a good introduction to the subject.

Not Rated