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Mirrorsoft Ltd
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

Here's a program that is definitely going on my shopping list! It may be aimed at children from 7 to 12, but I haven't cracked it yet - though I've been having great fun trying!

Phineas Frogg is an adventure game with quite superb animated graphics. Taking the rote of Phineas Frogg special agent, the player has to rescue Professor Mole from the clutches of the evil Hamsterchiet, who is holding Mole captive in SLOTH - the Secret Lair of the Terrible Hamsters. The accompanying booklet contains a lovely story setting the background for the adventure - I don't know who wrote it. but it is quite wonderful' Phineas Frogg turns out to be a hero who is a cross between Toad of Toad Hall and James Bond, and the humour really has you laughing out loud!

Having read the story, you are ready to play the game. An envelope marked TOP SECRET is contained in the package, but this is to be opened only in an emergency (Okay. I admit it I opened the envelope). The game is actually quite difficult, and if you miss a clue or make a silly mistake, you will have to start again. It's possible to SAVE your position, and instructions for this are given on the back of the inlay card.

There are five different puzzles to be solved in the search for Mole and as little help is given In the instructions for these, the player has to work out the rules by trial and error. An added difficulty is that if you are making rapid progress, the game gets harder. Conversely, it you are not doing too well, the problems get a hit easier if you do finally manage to rescue Mole, a Spy Rating is awarded.

The children who tested the game for me were completely enthralled by it - indeed, they would hardly let me have a go at all. Go out and buy Phineas Frogg now'


Control keys: kept is simple as possible
Keyboard play: very responsive
Graphics: excellent, the game is worth buying for the animated graphics alone!
Use of colour: eye-catching
General Rating: A program not to be missed. Funny, visually pleasing, challenging - this game has all the qualities to appeal to children of all ages! Let's have some more Phineas Frogg adventures.

Not Rated