Key Software [2]
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 48K

Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

These two were designed to provide a simple introduction to graphs, but they can also be used separately. Myself is a very simple program which provides the child with information about himself derived from his date of birth - the Chinese year of his birth, his age in years, star sign, number of days lived and day of birth, and an appropriate extract from the rhyme Monday's Child. All this can be printed out on a ZX-type printer.

In the second program, Us, the user chooses a graph from one of the following categories: Starsign, Day Of Birth, Favourite Pet, Favourite Colour, Letters In First Name, Favourite Sport. Rooms In The House and Spare (which can be used for a topic of the teacher's choice). Up to 36 users can input information in each category, and then a graph of this information is displayed. So the relationship between the facts and their graphical representation is strengthened, and Myself And Us not only allows children to enter data about themselves but can also give such information as the day of the week on which an event happened or the star sign of a famous person.

Keyboard play: very last, with clear screen instructions
Graphics: the block, line and solid graphs are all clearly shown, with effective colour


General Rating: Excellent and enjoyable.

Not Rated