ZX Spectrum 48K

Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

Sets is the first program in a series of mathematical software from Alphaplus, presenting a new approach to maths education - helping students develop confidence and a deeper understanding of mathematics. The series is based on the GCSE and GCE O level syllabuses.

This attractive package includes an extremely comprehensive and well-produced 47-page manual with examples and problems to solve. (No cheating!)

The menu offers six options covering sets and Venn diagrams. For the option DRAW VENN DIAGRAMS, for instance, the manual sets 12 problems for the student to solve on paper before using the program to check the answers.

Keyboard play: good
Graphics: clear and effective, with colour used sensibly to aid understanding


General Rating: A very good, comprehensive package developed by experts and aimed at the serious student.

Not Rated