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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Andy Smith
Chris Bourne

Medal-ing with Epyx.

Olympic fever's with us if the number of recent sporting releases is anything to go by. These two games have been available on the C64 for a long time, but only now have Spectrum and Amstrad owners had the chance to work up a sweat and join in the fun.

So, what have you got to compete in? In Summer Games you face eight events in all. In the Pole Vault you have to judge when to plant the pole, when to kick up and flip over the bar and then when to release the pole. Diving gives you the chance to show off your acrobatic prowess on the high diving board and the 4 x 400m relay requires good pacing and team work if you're to be successful. The 100m dash is a good ol' fashioned waggle-for-the-line event while the gymnastics event sees you vaulting over a horse. Skeet shooting (which seems to appear on every sporting compilation) has you shooting clay pigeons from several different stations. For the final two events you're in the swimming pool for the Freestyle relay and the 100m Freestyle dash.

Summer Games II also gives you eight events. In the Triple Jump you hop, step and jump your way into a sandpit. Rowing is a single sculls rhythmic waggling event. Kayaking has you on the water again, but this time going through a series of gates along the course. The Javelin event requires power and precision to win and the High Jump event requires the player to carefully select speed and the angle of jump. Fencing's next, where you have to parry and lunge against a series of opponents, while Cycling has you rotating the joystick in a clockwise motion to simulate pedalling. The final events Showjumping (against the clock, naturally).

Each event in the game(s) can be selected individually, so you can practise the ones you're having difficulty with. Once you get good at the events you can take on some of your friends or the computer and start competing for those gold medals. Both Summer Games I and II offer little that's original, but it's all been done well.

Reviewer: Andy Smith

C64/128, £14.99cs, £17.99dk, Out Now
Spec, £14.99cs, £17.99dk, Out Now
Ams, £14.99cs, £24.99dk, Out Now
All prices for Gold, Silver, Bronze compilation.

Predicted Interest Curve

1 min: 68/100
1 hour: 75/100
1 day: 70/100
1 week: 60/100
1 month: 40/100
1 year: 20/100

Lots to do, but it's all similar stuff.


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The animation for each event's good (but the colours are garish). It doesn't take long to master even the hardest events, but it's still good - if unoriginal - fun.


The game's much more colourful on the Amstrad, otherwise it's just as much fun as the other versions.

Graphics: 8/10

Audio: 6/10

IQ Factor: 1/10

Fun Factor: 7/10

Ace Rating: 689/1000

Predicted Interest Curve

1 min: 70/100

1 hour: 75/100

1 day: 70/100

1 week: 60/100

1 month: 40/100

1 year: 20/100


So, how you going to get hold of these games? Well, coming soon from Epyx is a sporting compilation that's almost guaranteed to blow the socks off any sport sim' fan. Gold, Silver, Bronze - as the compilation's called - includes both Summer Games I and II plus Winter Games. That makes some 23 events to compete in! Boy, some people are gonna have either sore wrists or busted joysticks (and probably both) in the near future!

Screenshot Text

Amstrad - Gry from Norway Pole Vaulting in Summer Games 1. (Inset) Spectrum - note the inferior graphics.

The equastrian event in Summer Games II on the Spectrum.