Sunshine Books Ltd
Simon Lane
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 16K

Chris Bourne

Producer: Suns h,ne Booka, 16K £4.95
Author: Simon Lane
Blind Alley is what passed for sport in the year 3017, you are told on the inlay. In fact the game looks confusing at first, but that's because it is fast and there's no time to think. This really is a game where those with quick and sure instincts win. You must steer your ship round the grid in such a way that you block off other ships, forcing them into a blind alley where they are forced against your trail, their own trails, or the edge of the screen. Of course it usually happens the other way round... You start off against two ships, then four, then 6 and so on. It gets very hard! Works with Kempston joystick. Avoid hitting reverse of the direction in which you're travelling - it's instant death. Recommended