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US Gold Ltd
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Richard Eddy
Chris Bourne

Lookit this! It's a compilation from US Gold bearing our very own name, and indeed five fab US Gold games therein! The five smashing games were picked by CRASH game players going back to the dawn of time and all are Smashes!! Well, except for 720', but we reckoned it should have been a Smash after playing it for months! Anyway, this is what you get for your dosh:

BIONIC COMMANDO: Loads of platforms across heaps of levels as you leap and bound through the scenery, bopping off the alien invaders. Equipped with handy telescopic arms you swing from pinacle to pinacle, pulling your way to the exit at the top of each level, and then onto the next. Endless fun, with smart graphics and excellent sound and a veritable mountain of playability.

720': Skateboarding action at its very best! Take your 'board into the brilliantly drawn park and its four separate stunt courses to become the champion. Fabulous playability, and enough to keep you playing for months!

WINTER GAMES: A compendium of winter sports featuring seven events: Figure Scaling, Free Scating, Speed Skating, Hot Dog Aerials, Ski Jump, Biathlon and Bobsled. Very slick presentation and game lay throughout each event and definitely the best of the 'Games' series on the Speccy.

IMPOSSIBLE MISSION II: The original was naff but this is the bee's knees in action-packed espionage. Run through Elvin Atombender's maze-like tower, destroying robots and collecting codes to let you into the main computer to stop the bomb exploding. An all-time great from US software house Epyx, very addictive with great depth to keep your interest sustained.

SPY HUNTER: This is my favorite game ever on the Speccy! Continuous adrenalin pumping action in car and boat chases up and down colourful landscapes. Incredibly simple to play, but the fun just doesn't stop as the roads get busier, bridges start collapsing, and the enemy cars and boats get more devious! Brilliant!!!

It's silly to rate this pack, because it's obviously a CRASH Smash - else why would those games be there?! Miss this compilation and you're as useless ass a whoopee cushion in a baked-bean factory!



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