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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Jonathan Davies
Chris Bourne

Triv time again, and here is Blue Ribbon's answer to Domark's best seller. The board is pretty much the same, as are the rules. All that's lacking is the assortment of fab musical and graphical questions that gave them something to writ about on the packaging of the original.

There are four categories of questions - Science, Sport (yuck), History/Geography and Art/Entertainment. The idea is to roll the dice, move and answer a question (you have the option of a time limit). Once you've answered a specific number of each, move back to the start and you've won. Up to four people can play.

And that's it. No problems execution-wise and the questions are pretty numerous and difficult. If you desperately want to impress (or bore) everyone with you wide-ranging knowledge, bit can't quite afford the real thing, Hi-Q Quiz could come in handy.