Gambling: Utilities
ZX Spectrum 48K

Nick Roberts, Richard Eddy, Mike Dunn
Chris Bourne

If you're one for the horses, this latest little program from the Bluebird stables (and we mean little, it only takes up about 15K of memory!) could be for you.

Turf-Form asks you a number of questions and gives you a choice of race tracks, having answered them, It'll tell you whether your chosen horse will win the race or not. Magic! Well not quite, the program looks at the horse's past history, fitness and the conditions of the track, and makes a guess.

The program will predict form for both Flat and National Hunt races on UK racecourses. All the Information you need to feed into the program can be found in almost any of the popular daily papers, and the final ingredient to winning is a betting shop nearby.

A speed rating is calculated for each horse, and if it's higher than the one for the course you'll be told you have a winner. Note that Turf-Form is not a game: It can only be used to predict a win at the betting shop, and then It might be wrong (betting's bad for your wallet anyway).


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