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ZX Spectrum 48K

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If there's something that really tickles my fancy, it's getting a few friends round in the evening, putting some groovy tunes on the dansette, and then playing a spot of Triv Pursuit. It really works a treat. And by spooky coincidence that's remarkably similar to what this TV triv quiz compilation's all about (well, sort of). What fun, eh?

So let's kick off with a darts game. Er, actually I didn't think much of this at all. (Ahem.) Its only saving grace is that we're spared any digitised pics of Jim
Bowen. Instead there's that crap bull with the beer gut. The aim of the game is that 1 or 2 players throw darts and answer questions. What a load of bull.
1991 Verdict: 50

I didn't even know this was still on the box! It used to be on after Crossroads when I were a young 'un. It was a very dull programme then, and the game's not much better. Up to 4 players have to get through 6 sections (including the infamous assault course) to prove themselves 'superpeople'. Personally, I'm quite content to remain a crap person if it means giving this a miss. On release (in May '88) it got 60. But now we'll give it...
1991 Verdict: 55

What a game! It was always a bit of a sore point with me that I never actually got to appear on Blockbusters - but, hey, now I can. There are 6 difficulty levels and zillions of questions (so you can carry on playing for days) and if you can persuade a mate to play then it gets dead competitive. It's a bit of a stickler on the old spelling though and the Gold Runs are blimmin' hard. Still, it's jolly good solid fun.
1991 Verdict: 80

What a lovely pic of Bob! And what prizes! The aim here is to answer loads of questions (surprise, surprise), but you've got to be jolly quick off the mark to manage it. Each player (and there can be up to 4) has a bingo card and you've got to light up the corners, than a line and then the whole thing.
1991 Verdict: 80

Reliable sources inform me that this is hosted by Paul Daniels (slimeball!}. But fortunately he doesn't pop up in the game at all. Instead you get a load of
contestants who have to say whether things are true or false and answer the odd question. Up to 3 couples can play - that's 6 people (Well done. Ed), so clear a large playing space.
1991 Verdict: 80'

It may look like an incredibly boring pack but when you get into it It's: TV Showtime ain't half bad, with 3 pretty solid titles to play your friends against. If you like triv then you'll have some fun.

Surprisingly good TV quiz compilation. Fun.


Screenshot Text

Bendy bullies ahoy! (What a crap screen, eh, Spec-chums? And the questions aren't that much cop either. Ho hum.)

I'm the bod with the cropped hair. It's a peasy question so I don't know why I look so confused. Maybe I'm just nervous.

Oooh! That Paul Daniels, eh? What an annoying little so-and-so! I'm Nancy (yes I am!) and I know the answer to this one! (Yes I do!)

Yo Bob! How ya doin'? I'm doing pretty well, even if I say so myself. It's jolly lucky that I know my chestnuts from my ginger nuts.