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Virgin Games Ltd
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Harldy surprising, Fists Of Fury is one for beat- 'em-up addicts (violent lot). The games included are Shinobi, The Ninja Warriors, Double Dragon II and Dynamite Dux.

My personal favourite of the bunch has to be Dynamite Dux. The cute graphics used to represent the pair of dynamic ducks and enemies, coupled with the strange weapons to trash them with, makes gameplay real fun. You're armed (literally) with a normal punch but by holding down the fire button you can increase your power to give a mega-blow. Weapons like fire throwers, water cannons and bombs give an interesting result when picked up. Flippin' great!

Ninja action ahoy in Shinobi. You're searching for a bunch of kidnapped kids and there are loads of vicious thugs to be disposed of using your feet, fists and shuriken stars. Shinobi is taken from the Sega arcade machine and, thankfully, hasn't lost any of its addictive qualities in the conversion.

All those who were addicted to the original Double Dragon will just love Double Dragon II - The Revenge. You can play either Billy or Jimmy in their quest to avenge the death of their chum Marian. Like every other game in this pack, it's a scrolling trash-everything-in-sight game with a high level of playability.

The Ninja Warriors has you beating once more. This time you have to control one of the warriors and your only objective is to stop the evil master Greek, Bangler, in his tracks. Sadly, it's the least playable in the pack.

Fists Of Fury - Edition Two is great for beat-'em-uppers. Gamers who want variety will soon get fed up as each game plays more or less the same.

Shinobi: 17/25
Double Dragon II: 20/25
Dynamite Dux: 23/25
The Ninja Warriors: 16/25