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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Jon Pillar
Chris Bourne

Four (four! Four!) games for £2.99! Blimey, what is going on? Lets take a quick look at each of them, shall we?

A vertically-scrolling shoot-'em-up cunningly disguised as the other 47 billion you've got. Complete with hidden-bullet syndrome but with a new twist - blast at least 20 baddies each wave or else re-do the level again. What an idea! Novel, frustrating and crap. Rather like the game as a whole (except for the novel bit).

Bandits run rife in Dodge City (which seems to consist of three buildings and a cave) so, er, shoot them. Dinky graphics means lots of room to manoeuvre. Highlights are pinching ammo from dead baddies and tricking the inept villains into shooting each other. Very simple and a lot of fun.

Use some realty nasty Asteroids-type rotation controls to pilot a heavily-armed gunboat along enemy waterways. Get shot at by everything from gun emplacements to aircraft carriers, nab fuel and blow up the main base. Chubby graphics, trickier than Paul Daniels, but a good laff.

A past master ("a YS Megagame!" trumpets the inlay) where you control a crack commando squad attempting to break into the HQ of a wannnabe Bond villain ("nuclear blackmailer", you know the type). You know it's big because there's a Save Game option. Kick down doors, dive through windows, outwit electronic defences and accidentally shoot each other, all in gloriously coloured isometric 3D. Two quibbles - if the team you've selected turns out to be useless you can't choose again, and it's a mite unfair the way you lose huge chunks of energy just by bumping into furniture. Other than that - a classic. Best played while wearing a balaclava.

So, worth it just for Strike Force - with 3 freebies bunged on as well - it's a reet good barg (as they say).


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Oh dear. This looks serious. Time to go a-tootin' and a-shootin'!

A perfect day for messing around in boats. (Make sure you bring your guns!)