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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rich Pelley
Chris Bourne

Q What do you get if you cross a BMX simulator, a Grand Prix simulator, a ski simulator and a snooker simulator?

A An alarm-clock radio. Ha ha. Oh... Wrong punchline. No, you get four sports simulators neatly scrunched into one. (Ahem.) First to scrogg it is BMX
Simulator - the game which put the word 'simulator' into, erm, simulators. Dash around billions of different bumpy tracks on BMXs (avec an overhead
view) against the computer or a buddy with lots of nice things such as replays and tunes and so on. It's 'top notch'. Then there's Grand Prix Simulator
- a complete Supersprint rip-off, yes (ie racing around Grand Prix circuits), but squillions better. Much the same as its friend BMX Sim come to think
of it, except this time there are no spooky ramps or bumps, hence its not quite such a laff. But still pretty good.

Verging more towards the skiing side of things there's, erm, Pro Ski Simulator. It's your usual ski-down-a-slope-at-27-billion-miles-an-hour jobby.
Playable but boring. And finally we come on to Pro Snooker Simulator, which, to be honest, is a bit crap really due to the severe lack of colours (pink
sort of flashes at you and green - well, don't ask about green) and a complete lack of realism - there are balls flying all over the shop. And there. my
luvvlies, you go. One brill game, one good game, one not-quite-so-good-but-not-that-bad-either game, and one crap one. What do you reckon, gang? Same
here. A complete barg.


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BMX Sim - the game which launched a thousand simulators (well, quite a few anyway).