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Ocean Software Ltd
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

There's some scorching hot software on this compilation, and plenty of variety, too - boredom's definitely not a word in Power Up's dictionary. On offer are Altered Beast, Chase HQ, Rainbow Islands, X-Out and Turrican.

I just love playing Rainbow Islands, I could play it until the cows come home (and then, perhaps, a bit more). The cute characters and gameplay is addictive from the start. Taken from the colourful Taito coin-op, the Spectrum version is surprisingly good, capturing all the excitement of the arcade and keeping the excellent graphics and sound too. A corker!

Turrican is another colourful game, and a real good blast. The muititude of weaponry add-ons and variation in the aliens makes it a shoot-'em-up fan's heaven!

Chase HQ is probably the ultimate driving game on the Speccy. You have to chase (no, really?) the criminals in your souped-up sports car and bash them off the road to arrest them. Personally, if I could afford a fast car I wouldn't want to bash it up!

Altered Beast gets right away from laser guns and cars. You are now a dead hero. The daughter of a god has been kidnapped and in an attempt to get her back you have been resurrected. Lots of supernatural action with punches and kicks galore.

X-Out finishes off the compilation with a blast. Lots of space ships, lots of firepower and plenty of joystick wrecking action.

Power Up is an excellent pack, you'll be stuck to your screen for ages!

X-Out: 17/20
Chase HQ: 17/20
Turrican: 18/20
Altered Beast: 18/20
Rainbow Islands: 20/20