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CDS Microsystems
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Sport: Management
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 128K

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Linda Barker
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I know it's a terrible thing to admit but I've never been to a football match in my life! Dreadful, isn't it? But that's why I'm doing his review. Y'see, according to CDS, European Superleague is the biggest and the best football management sim ever in the history of the world - so Andy said it'd be as good a place to start as any. Mmm. I'm not convinced. But let's have a look anyway.


European is played out with the old menu and cursor method so it's pretty easy to pick up. As the new manager, you take over the team's account and squad files. You've got 20 players whose various abilities change throughout the season and so it's up to you to pick and change the squad at various junctures so you can go on to win the Superleague. To do this you have to beat 7 other teams.

And it's a hard slog all the way. The chairman's always keeping a watchful eye over you, and if you're really awful you'll be called into the boardroom - eek! (His tolerance level depends on which level you choose to play at - in the first he's very nice and in the third he's a right bast. To keep him sweet, simply win a few matches!)


In the days leading up to a match there's plenty to sort out with the press, the trainer, your secretary, the groundsman, your scout and the other managers. All your contact with people is done over the phone or the intercom (which both make very nice buzzing noises!). unless you go out for a training sesh with the lads.

Of course, the most important thing is to get your team in shape. This means giving them loads of training and arranging meetings to work out which tactics you want to adopt against which teams. You don't actually get to play the matches (like Kick Off and Gazza 2) which is a bit sad, but you can alter your tactics and make substitutions.

So what did I think of my first proper footie 'experience' then? Well, I didn't find it that addictive. But then that's probably because I'm not incredibly into these management things. It's very long and very difficult - which is why it'll probably appeal to so many enthusiasts. And it's not just the size that makes it stand out (oo-er) - there are lots of neat touches too, like the little pics of the team and all the other surprises you come across (which are a nice surprise). And it certainly comes up trumps in the way you can interact with the other players and members of staff. So - not perhaps the intro to footie that's going to make me a die-hard fan for the rest of my life, but all in all (and for all the rest) really quite good.

Easy-to-pick-up footie management sim, with more life that most, and plenty of clever touches.


Screenshot Text

I've just sorted out the training schedules, so I'm off back to the office. Bye, lads!

Wall chart

League table.


Tells you what you've got to do today (and for the rest of the week).


Bring! Bring! Call the press, the training ground or other managers.


Call your secretary to make appointments, or tell her you're going out for a couple of hours. (Or instead, try the groundsman or your scout if she's out for lunch and you fancy a quick natter.)

Filing cabinet

Useful files on fixtures, squad info, accounts and team information.