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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Jon Pillar
Chris Bourne

A three-pack (for a change!) as Kixx becomes the latest company to open its back catalogue and blow away the dust. Is this resurrection, or exhumation? (Eh? Ed)

Street Fighter
Travel the world, meet top martial artists and then knock them down by waggling your limbs in an unfriendly manner. Repeat until you pass out. Brownie points for large sprites and optional multiload. but as a game it's stunningly average.

Bionic Commando
Neat four-way-scrolling platform game which has you battling fiercely through five multiloaded levels on a world-saving mission. (A typical day's work for the Spec-chum.) Using your telescopic, bionic arm you can biff baddies from afar or swing around like an aluminium Tarzan. Very clear graphics and surprisingly colourful, fast scrolling enhance the payability. There's many an afternoon to be wasted here.

WW2 planes replace aliens in this very ordinary shoot-'em-up. With power-ups, a dual-player mode and big mid-level baddies, the only new idea is "rolling" to avoid bullets. Otherwise you could be playing any of 60 other games (and probably not notice the difference).

It costs a fiver, and two-thirds is crap- so work it out for yourself. You'd be better off checking out the Quattro range (then buying VSwith the change)!


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Watch out for the sandstorms.