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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Mark Caswell
Chris Bourne

This is the third Multimix compilation and contains 1943, Street Fighter and the excellent Bionic Commando.

1943 is not unsurprisingly, set in said time period and see a lone P-38 plane (piloted by yourself) up against the Imperial Japanese Navy in true kamikaze style (the word kamikaze means divine wind, not surprising in the circumstances). Your eventual target is Battleship Yamamoto, but plenty of Japanese-built technolody stands between you and success.

Street Fighter puts you into the size ten espadrilles of Ryu, a tough brawling dude who has to travel the world and fight all types of thug to win the Street Fighting Championships.

And finally, Bionic Commando, one of my all-time favourite games, where he brave hero with an extendable arm and mean disposition battles the enemy forces to infiltrate their 1HQ.

If it wasn't for the last game I'd say Multimix 3 is pretty poor value for money. I never was very fond of 1943 or Street Fighter when they were first reviewed (neither were the other reviewers, some to think of it). Maybe they have their fans, but they never struck me as particularly good examples of their respective genres. My advice is to save your cash and buy Bionic Commando separately, for £2.99.




Screenshot Text

Hurrah! We've reached the end of level one and disposed of all the baddies!

By collecting icons you can build up the power of your attack force (which is handy).