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Zenobi Software
Dennis Francombe
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Paul Rigby
Chris Bourne

Within the city of Bhakhor is the golden sword, a symbol of your inheritance and the key to the throne. Your task is to find the thing and stay alive. Zipping past the introductory graphic and story intro, which is very irritating - far too many 'did this' and 'did thats' for my liking - you dive into the game.

Designed with white writing on a black background, the text is set in a custom font that can be a little hard to read at times, although you get used to it after a while. Location descriptions are relatively short with a few longer ones to add a little atmosphere. Technically, this adventure is pretty average with none of the chrome (I think he means fancy features -Sub Ed) we're used to - no RAMSAVE, for example.

The game is split into three parts and in part one you learn how to enter and survive the city (a disguise and money helps). Part two sees you in the thick of things rescuing a princess (I wondered how long it' d be before that one cropped up) and finding keys, while mapping a tricky maze (different location descriptions but it functions as a maze). Part three leads to the climax of the game and the finding of the sword.

Puzzles are pretty good with a good atmospheric edge to the game, no mean feat in only 48K. Bhakhor is a decent adventure but never really excites. Bottom line? Better than average.

Overall 76%

Contact Point: 26 Spotland Tops, Cutgate, Rochdale, Lancs OL12 7NX



Screenshot Text

Check that text! Mills & Boon anyone.

The opening screen makes you want to scoff Turkish Delight.