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Zenobi Software
Clive Wilson
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Paul Rigby
Chris Bourne

Looks like the Black Wanderer is up to a few tricks. Spreading the great Sadness while drawing the Darkness ever closer is no mean feat before breakfast. This guy lives in The Pinnacle, a rather foreboding fortress. Basically, left unchecked, he'll swamp the land with his evil.

You, of course, are the only one who can defeat this character. Along with the Silent Song, written by a local cabaret singer with laryngitis, you can drive the darkness from the land That's your task. Locate the Black Wanderer and hit him square in the mush with the song's magic.

Presentation is pretty good, with the handy addition of arrows indicating which directions you can move in. Location descriptions are lengthy at times and it's nice to see plenty to nooks and crannies to examine. When something of interest is found a nifty sound effect heralds the find.

Darkest Road is an okay game. Nothing special, fairly well designed with a smattering of atmosphere but nothing to make your spine tingle. Puzzles are all right, nothing really wrong with them and, erm, that's it, really. A fairly solid game which never really gets out of second gear.



Screenshot Text

At Darkest Road's farm house - for an 'empty' room it's got quite a bit in it!