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Zenobi Software
Clive Wilson
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Paul Rigby
Chris Bourne

Those of you who've been adventuring for a while may remember an adventure called Kobyashi Naru. It was played via an icon interface, unfortunately not to many people's liking.

But here are two bits of good news: firstly, a sequel has emerged, written by Clive Wilson and, secondly, it's been produced using PAW so play follows the more conventional text entry format.

The story goes something like this (cough): you find yourself in the land of Ygor. Things have changed since the days of the original game and the Ultimate Trial. The Etherions hold sway, an odd race who've changed the Naru into the Ag'Kwo, changing the Trial for anyone who wishes to dabble with the ultimate.

The task? Well, in a similar vein to the original, you have to find four artefacts hidden by the Etherions, in four different worlds, before your time runs out.

This is one tough game! You begin the task with a monitor and four buttons in front of you. Scan the monitor for a quick clue and hit a button to be whisked to an area. Initially, trial and error connects the initial monitor-clue with the correct area.

Then you can start in earnest. However. progress is slow, although very satisfying when its made. Location descriptions are brief; the game in general is conservative in its gloss - probably because, in effect, you have tour games in one.

So, it's difficult, it can be frustrating due to an unforgiving linearity to the design. However, perseverance leads to satisfying rewards.