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Temporarily flicking over the television previously tuned into my Speccy, I see that Give Us A Clue is on - which gives me a great idea: turn it off immediately, and get on with the review. I can't stand Lionel Blair.

Airborne Ranger
A game of the run-around-shooting-people mould, but quite why it is included on a simulation pack is beyond me. It's not even particularly good - the monochrome graphics are unduly rubbish and it all looks highly dated. Not a good start.

International 3D Tennis
Feel free to slap my naked ankles with a stick of wet celery if I'm wrong, but I'm vaguely sure that 3D Tennis sees the first appearance of vector graphics outside of a shoot-em-up. Both players are animated triangles and the court can be viewed from a number of perspectives. It sounds novel, but in truth it only serves to slow things down and complicates matters. Despite this, it's still a lot better than the majority of its counterparts.

Crazy Cars 2
An Outrun-style race-'em-up which still looks and plays great. You can actually chose the route you take and what scenery you pass. It's way better than its prequel, and Outrun for that matter. Good enough to make up for the severe crapness of Airborne Ranger.

Italy 1990
The Speccy has got footie games coming out of its ear port, and although Italy 90 is pretty good, it's definitely not la creme de la creme. Its main problem is the fact that it becomes a tad confusing. The sprites merge together, and sometimes you can get lost (!) on the pitch. But it's beautifully presented, which is some compensation.

And that is what you get in the (thankfully completely Lionel Blair-free) Super Sim Pack. You can't complain really, can you?


Screenshot Text

The dud one of the whole pack. The only reason we're showing you this is so you know what to avoid in the future.

It's mad, it's rad, it's completely blimmin' cray-zee!