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Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Ian Osborne
Chris Bourne

It's Friday the 13th and today's the day you deliver your new game to the publisher who has a stall at the Personal Computer Whirled Show - the hundredth Microfair. Simple, eh? Will it would be if you hadn't forgotten your ticket!

Microfair Madness is an hilarious PAWed game that ranges from terrible puns to side-splitting send ups. For a real treat, check out the tramp!

As it's set in a computer fair, you get to play a few sub-games, such as The Hoppit, The Quest for the Holy Snail and The Search for Smok.

This is one for the experienced adventurer; Microfair Madness is very tricky. I got terribly stuck at one point, but after checking the solution I wanted to kick the author for putting it in! The problems are fair but the skill curve could be gentler. For me at least, it gets too hard too quickly.

Even so, Mcrofair Madness is a great game and well worth the money, especially of you use our special offer coupon! The 128k version features an expanded descriptions and a few new problems.

IAN ... 80%



Screenshot Text

Is that Mike Gerrard making a guest appearance in Microfair Madness? And who's that guy with the lamp?