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The Guild
Anthony Collins
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Ian Osborne
Chris Bourne

There was a legend, of a warrior, of a man, of Corya the Warrior Sage. In this two-part adventure, find and kill a dragon that's laid waste to a small village. But first seek Clen, the only man who knows the secret entrance to the dragon's lair. He's in a spot of bother…

As you wander around the village of Ermahal, you know you're in for a really atmospheric adventure. The text is so strong you can almost smell the smouldering wood of the burned-out buildings - you could forget you're sitting in front of a keyboard (only if you're crackers - Ed)!

As well as being an expert swordsman, Corya is trained in the use of magic. The spell system is very good in that it allows you to cast each spell more than once - don't you just HATE games where you have to start again just because you used the wrong command? (Probably- Ed.)

Unfortunately, the spelling isn't always accurate (wisedom, carryed) and syntax is a little wonky in places. Also, one puzzle relies on the player assuming something that should really be in the text. Still, forewarned is forearmed, and if you're really stuck there's always the CRASH solution service!

Corya the Warrior Sage is an excellent game which features logical, well thought out problems and text so strong you'll think you're reading a Tolkien novel. With a little more spit and polish it could have been a Smash; as it stands it's still great value for money.

IAN … 80%