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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Ian Osborne
Chris Bourne

Andrey Remic's 11-game compendium now retails at £5 (it used to cost £15!) but even this is too expensive - the Psychedelic Hedgehog Adventure Games Pack contains nothing you'll want to play twice.

There's no logical consistency to the games, objects are scattered around without rhyme or reason, and even the most innocent of actions lead to sudden death. In one game I was killed five times within the first four locations (aaah, shame - Ed), without a single indication of danger! In another, you're asked to guess which of the three huts to enter. There's no difference between them, no way of working out which is correct, and guess what happens if you get it wrong? (Erm, you die? - Ed.)

Excluding directions and synonyms, a couple of these games had a vocabulary of only three words, and the average is only five! Alsom there are loads of niggly turns of illogic, eg, a newly mummified corpse falls apart when you unwrap it, and you find a battery and a plug socket in it's tomb. The only real problem here is struggling through the plotless text, clumsy syntax and mindless sudden deaths in order to get to the end of the game.

If you put all these games together you still wouldn't have a decent adventure, or even a B-side freebie. If you're into compilations, try something else instead.

IAN ... 15%