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Code Masters Ltd
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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Hands up if you've got a violent streak (yeah, now what? - Ed). Are you the sort of person who goes around the house kicking the cat and looking dead mean? Well STOP! Leave the moggy alone and buy Quattro Fighters. The four games offer a mixture of beat- and shoot-'em-up to keep any trigger-happy gamesplayer occupied for a long time.

The action pack kicks off with Guardian Angel, a real fist-cruncher of a game where battles are fought through the docks of Manhattan using hands, feet, iron bars, baseball bats and even teeth if you're that way inclined! There are some great graphics and there's always a surprise around the new corner.

On first play, Kamikaze seems just another plane-zapping game but there's a lot more to it than that. True, there are lots of planes of different slopes and sizes to be destroyed, but you also have to rescue blokes from one side of the level and take them back to base. To get them out of their prison you have to load the plane with explosives and dive-bomb it!

MIG-29 Soviet Fighter offers shooting action of a different kind. This time the game's viewed from behind the plane, After Burner style. Lots of tanks, aircraft and power-up balloons fill the screen with great graphics.

The final game's a bit of a cop-out, meth. SAS Combat has been seen on another Quattro compilation so if you're collecting them all you'll be a little disappointed. But with four areas to be cleared of troops and a gun full of bullets to do the job, it’s a right good blast.

All the Quattro packs are great value for money. Four budget games for the price of one - you can't go wrong, can you?

NICK ... 68%



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Chocs away! Grab the balloon for a super dooper bonus!