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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Jon Pillar
Chris Bourne

From the depths of Atlantis come tour ex-bargs in one plastic box. Value, or what? (He says scampishly).

A pre-Op Wolfish shooting gallery, Crossfire is a fine test of reflexes and hand-eye coordination. As a game though, it gets very samey very quickly 'cos there's no variation an the basic shoot-chappies-in-windows idea. The dull graphics don't help - "downtown" Chicago looks more like Kettering on a Wednesday afternoon. On first loading you'll play for ages, but after that you probably won't bother with it again.

Completely dreadful arcade-adventure with tacky graphics and randomly positioned enemies. Inexcusably boring and inept. Not even worth it for the curiosity value.

Yer basic wall busting game, this has all the usual features of the genre - lasers, multiple balls, variable speeds etc. Admittedly it's good fun for a while, but it's really no different from a zillion other games. Splash out on Arkanoid2 instead.

After glugging down a pint of secret formula by mistake, Tom Essex has been transformed into the kid with the cape and the clout. A neat flit about beat-'em-up, this game has you rescuing OAPs and would-be suicides whilst rapping the noses of rampaging gangsters. The chunky graphics and uncomplicated gameplay make it a fun way to pass those long, lazy evenings

A very average pack, with Superkid the only game of note. Crossfire and Crack-Up are playable in the short term, but Spooky Castle is a waste of tape. Better to save the cash for a rainy day and then buy cheap umbrella.


Screenshot Text

Hello children. Today we're looking through the square window. (Blam blam blam!)

To boil an egg to perfection, make sure the water is boiling before you put the egg in. (Spooky Castle? Don't ask.)

Having exhausted every other possibility in his attempt to save the world, Superkid has no choice but to flee from the Intergalactic Jukebox of Doom.

It may not look much, but Crack Out will have you playing non-stop for months. (Um, actually that a lie.)