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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Jon Pillar
Chris Bourne

Forget the games - on the title alone, this compilation has won me over. Ah well, suppose I'd better string out the suspense and get on with the reviews. (But I can tell you now - it's a winner.)

Let's start with a management game. The Double is a classic of the genre, with a thick foldout inlay covered in tiny writing and screensful of well- presented number lists. To the layperson it may appear exactly the same as every other management sim, but it's not. Probably.

Pleasantly different from the usual soccer game. Challenge has you brushing up your footy skills in preparation for the competition course at the end. With passing, dribbling, tackling and penalties included there's plenty at variation in the gameplay. As a bonus the graphics are clean and detailed, and all in all it's quite spiffy.

Numbers time! This management sim is from the programmer of the ancient Superbowl and is in much the same style. Again, if you like such sims you'll probably go a bundle on it.

Playing fair is not an option in this Kick Off-like game. Rising above the obligatory horrid graphics, the gameplay is an enjoyable twist on standard footy - there's lots of bashing into people rather than skilfully dodging them. Manic fun.

Good stuff, with plenty to do whether you want to stretch your brain or flex your muscles. Great value, with an extra mark for that title.


Screenshot Text

Cottingham is the largest village in Europe, and that's a fact.

Prince, tired of people laughing at his films, decided to try his hand at something more muddy.

You stand in the right hand corner and I'll run into you. Got that?

Suddenly the whole pitch was covered in camels and fat men. Nobody knew where to look.