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Beyond Belief
Not Known
Sport: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K
Unspecified custom loader

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Jon Pillar
Chris Bourne

We originally saw this 'un way back in the mists of time (issue 75 actually), when James gave it the once-over and proclaimed it worthy of 58%. Since then, the gameplay's been tweaked here and there, with the player intelligence routines falling prey to a bit o' rewriting and the various options having a mite more user-friendliness built into them. So we thought we'd take another look at it.

As usual, you're the manager of a struggling club and have to climb to the top etc etc etc, and also as usual (well, these days anyway) the main screen is a whizz-your- pointer-around-the-cluttered-desk thang. Slight humour is introduced with the team, who all have strange names and apparently are all based on real-life people. (Yes. W Scribo makes his obligatory appearance here as well.)

So, what's Jimmy's Version 2.0 like then? For a start, more like Jimmy's 1.1 - the changes aren't spectacular, and just serve to make the game a little more rounded and less pernickety. If you've got the first version, there's no point buying this one, but if Jimmy's Super League isn't yet gracing your shelves, pop out and swap your pocket money for it. Nowhere near the giddy heights of all-time fave Tracksuit Manager, but pretty good fun all the same.


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"It is, ins't it? In fact, that's probably the best ball through I've ever seen in my life. What do you think, Jimmy?" "Yeah, yeah. A good ball through. Definitely."