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Beyond Belief
Not Known
Sport: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K
Unspecified custom loader

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Ian Osborne
Chris Bourne

Why do they bother? If you've seen one footy management game you've seen 'em all! It wouldn't be so bed if Jimmy's Super League added something new to the genre, but it's just a straightforward rehash of old ideas - and not a particularly good one at that.

Upon loading, quelle surprise, pick your team. The screen takes ages to update as you cycle through endless player files and you're only allowed to select eleven men - In case of injury, tough luck 'cos you haven't got a sub! The files are well set out (a nice mugshot of each player) but the colours are hideous - they look like the demented offerings of a frustrated art student.

When you've selected your team it's on to the game. There's no animated representation of the match whatsoever - you just sit watching the clock and reading the match commentary. Aaarrggghhh! The only thing that moves is the commentator's mouth!

All the usual features are here, such as transfers, injuries, morale etc, presented through Icon-driven screens and menus. The graphics are pretty awful, though, and the whole thing's so slow it made me want to throw the tape at Lucy in frustration (Ian 'Stain' Osborne's cruising for a bruising, methinks - Ed).

Nicko gave i's predecessor, Jimmy's Soccer Manager, 30% in Issue 96 and Super League is basically an attempt to sell the same game twice. Dodgy graphics, dull gameplay and hellishly slow running speed make it a real stinker. And who the hell's Jimmy, anyway?!

IAN ... 32%



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Wooh! Jimmy Jimmy, Jimmy Jimmy, you know your much to wild for this town.