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Amba Software
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Producer:Amba, 16/48K (2)
This tape comprises three games of 'Snackman', 'Sub Track' and 'Treasure Hunt'. One side loads all three into 48K, the other loads individually into 16K. Snackman is a 'Pacman' with 10 playing speeds and 16 different mazes. Sub Track has you in a ship dropping depth charges on the many subs at different depths, while dodging their mines. In Treasure Hunt you must find the quicketst way round a fairly complex traditional maze to collect treasures. Once one has been collected another appears somewhere else - all against the clock. All 3 games are rather well done and the tape represents good value for money although there was a feeling that today one might prefer one really original game for the money than three old ones. Sensible control keys, no joystick option, reasonable sound, colour and small graphics, fair to average, overall CRASH rating 55% m/c.