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MW Gamesworld
Strategy: War
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Angus Ryall
Chris Bourne

The map supplied with CONFRONTATION, Twin River, is in fact amazingly similar to that in
REICHSWALD - only the Reichs weld one is even more primitive. The only feature on this map which
bears any resemblance to what it’s supposed to be is the river. Merry & Wallis Gamesworld is only
a small firm, so I can almost forgive them for that; but Big John Merry is a wargamer who goes
back years and years (and outwards yards and yards, my spies tell me) and it certainly shows.
They’ve managed to turn what could have been a nice, compact little exercise into a sprawling
numeric animal that keeps trippng over Its fifteen legs. Each unit has three strength values, for
tank, anti-tank and infantry, WhiCh are determined by the computar and awarded randomly at the
beginning of the game. There don’t seem to be any set movement values (I may be wrong about this
but this was one aspect of the game which proved impenetrable). There are terrain differences and
victory pornts, but again, you cant see the enemy (computer controlled this time, by the way) and
the combat just sort of happens when you move too close to the invisible huns. Definitely another
pencil and paper job. and very ssssslllllooooowwwww so only really recommended for those about to
embark on a term of life imprisonment. Generally about as action-packed as a bowl of semolina.


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Only the river is recognisable...