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Longman Software
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

This letter and word-recognition program is in two parts. The alphabetic order game displays at the start a picture of an apple, the word 'apple' and the letter A. The player is then asked to press the next letter, and is rewarded with the picture of a bus, the word and the initial letter. Pressing ENTER changes the game to A. B, C Lift-Off' The screen shows a conveyor belt for loading crates onto a rocket The child has to match the object which appears on the conveyor belt with the correct word displayed at the top of the screen. If the word and object match, the S key (for Snap) is pressed, and when the rocket is fully loaded with its six objects, it takes off.

This is a simple but useful program which young children will enjoy, though the speed of the Snap game is too fast for the lower age range.

Educational Aim: letter/word recognition

Age Range: 4 - 8

Control Keys: all letter keys used; S to snap

Use of Colour: bright & attractive

Graphics: in the letter recognition section, the pictures are rather small and a large part of the screen is unused


Not Rated