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Charles Letts & Co
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rosetta McLeod
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The programs in this package fall into two categories. The graphics based ones are built up by interaction with the user, so that understanding of the structure and functioning of the organs or systems concerned is deepened. In Loco for example, a clue appears on the screen, the correct answer to which begins the drawing of the skeleton. A similar technique is used in The Eye where a diagrammatic cross-section of the eye is gradually built up in response to correctly answered questions on the structure and accommodation of the eye.

The second category involves the application of a large body of knowledge in Homeostasis the student should know how temperature, water balance, breathing rate and blood glucose levels are controlled in a mammal. In addition to those already mentioned, the program suite covers topics such as Variety of Life (the plant kingdom, invertebrates, arthropods and vertebrates), Nutrition in plants and animals, Food Webs in various habitats, Breathing, Blood, Circulation, Reproduction, and Genetics. The graphics are clear and are used to good effect but the content of the programs is perhaps lacking in depth for serious study purposes.

CONTROL KEYS: Apart from the problems in the Chemistry suite, the control keys are clearly explained and are easy to use.
KEYBOARD PLAY: Very responsive
USE of COLOUR: Simple but clear.
GRAPHICS: Used to good effect


General Rating: Revision programs like these are, generally speaking, only as good as the student using them. Used sensibly in conjunction with other study methods, they do have a useful role to play, but it has to be understood that, on their own, these packages will not miraculously ensure A grade passes!

Not Rated

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Classifying bugs, beasties and organisms in the BIOLOGY revision package from Letts.