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I.E.C. Software
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

A to Z is suitable for very young children, or for older children with dyslexic problems. A series of colourful pictures appear on the screen in groups of 20, and the player has to shoot the correct initial letter from those shown under the picture.

In use, the child should be encouraged to say the word aloud and then identify the initial letter sound, which can then be related to the correct lower-case letter selected. On side two of the tape, Common Confusions is particularly aimed at those children who confuse similarly shaped letters or similar sounds letters such as b and d often cause problems, as do p and q. The game also allows a choice of the number of letters to appear on the screen: between 2 and 20 are possible.

I was disappointed, however, to learn that the letters seem to be randomly selected more often than not, so that the common confusions are not in fact faced. For instance, under the drawing of a pen, the letters c j n p are shown if the 4-letter option is selected, and under a diamond, the choice must be made from k k n d. Another annoying feature for me was the irritating sound as each picture is drawn. I would have liked the option of turning it off.

Control keys: 2 to move left, 9 to move right, SPACE to select the letter


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It looks like Cameron Pound, our photographer, has just got it right in IEC's game A TO Z. Clever lad, our Cam.