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Sulis Software Ltd
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

Both of these programs are aimed at improving word recognition and spelling by matching up two halves of words. In Starter Wordsplits, there are 14 different categories to choose from, such as Sounds, Movement, Animals, Nature and People. Each category has 18 words to be completed more than enough to hold a young child's interest. The word ending appears on the right of the screen, and can be brought in line with its beginning by using keys 7 (up) and 6 (down). To make the two halves join up, the child must press 5.

Junior Wordsplits is a more difficult version of the same game, and you can choose to practise beginnings such as for/fore/four and des/dis or endings like - ary/-ery/-ory and -ance/-ence/-ense. Each game begins in black and white, with colour being introduced for each correct answer. With each completion of a section the time taken is given. The programs are easy to operate and useful in their own way, but I would like to have seen a more imaginative use of graphics in Starter Wordsplits to motivate the younger children.


Control keys: 7 to move up, 6 to move down. 5 to make the word
Keyboard play: good
Graphics: very limited
Use of colour: builds up from black and white at the start
General Rating: Useful in a limited way, but rather unimaginative.

Not Rated

Screenshot Text

Splitting words to do with movement in Wordsplits. Cam, our photographer, is no famed for his movement - wonder why he chose this particular screen to snap?