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AVP Computing
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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

This package contains both the computer program and a recording by a native speaker of the 10 dictation passages which the student can attempt.

A menu of options appears on the screen, and to begin with, only the first option 'Enter student version ' can be selected. On choosing this, you are then instructed to listen to the passage of your choice all the way through to gain an understanding of its whole meaning. Then you must listen to it phrase by phrase and type in what you hear. The last stage is to rewind the tape and listen for a third time, in order to make any final changes to the version now on the screen.

Obviously, for this program to be useful, meticulous accuracy in following the instructions is required and the booklet draws attention to ways in which the program can produce misleading results if used incorrectly. For instance, a word omitted completely will not be detected as an error.

When the full dictation has been entered, the menu reappears and you can then choose to see your errors and view the master version for comparison. If a ZX Printer is attached, a punt-out of both the master and the student version can be obtained. The master versions are also provided in the booklet.

No attempt is made in this program to quantify your errors because, as in an exam, the mark awarded is not arrived at solely by counting the number of misspell words. It is hoped that, by viewing all your errors and studying the master versions, you will be able to understand the mistakes you have made.

I found this program to be a very sensible way of preparing for the requirements of 0 Level -dictation with the audio element being very clear and easy to follow.


Control keys: phrases typed in as normal, with characters obtained through the Graphics mode
Keyboard play: good
Graphics: none
Use of colour limited
General Rating: a very usefil study aid both in the home and at school.

Not Rated