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Utility: I/O Handling
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Phil South, Michael Jones, Kay Ann Helen
Chris Bourne

Double Dutch was a popular skipping dance craze, and Data-Skip is a Dutch firm who makes video digitisers. The version we received was a prototype model, but the only difference between that and the finished one will be the casing. The software is will error-trapped and the thing practically runs itself. A digitiser scans a TV picture, or image gathered from a TV camera, and puts the resultant data into a computer screen. The product of the process is a saveable SCREEN$ which you can use in the same way as any other screem, as a title/loading screen, as a part of any movable graphic in a game (like T'zer's picture in Strike Force Cobra or Sam Fox Strip Poker), or as an image source for another medium, in this case video. The digitised pictures can then be treated and coloured with a painting program like Rainbird's Art Studio.

Mike: I think this is brilliant. Very clever. And it makes the picture from the telly look so good. They all come out in black and white, and you can adjust the tones of grey produced by turning the knob on the top. Really good fun.

Kay: Very simple to use and a lot of fun. I chose the images for our video from the old black and white movies, 'cos that's more in keeping with our music than a story video or pictures of us playing. I want one!

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King Kong pouts seductively for the Data-Skip (from the 1933 original) in Black Mist's computer generated video. Fay Wray scream your heart out!