Nicholas Holgate
Strategy: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K

Dilwyn Jones, Ieuan Davis, Brian Pedlar
Chris Bourne

A business management simulation game in which companies have to be run by one to six players; they have to show a suitable degree of business acumen.

Brian: Oligopoly is a very complex game which seems to succeed as an excellent business simulation. Sometimes it says 'Press any key', waits for a while and then goes ahead without a keypress - which is annoying because it s difficult enough to show a profit without anything else going wrong. 7/10

Ieuan: As a business program, it doesn't sell itself very well and seems as though it was originally written for the ZX81. It would probably benefit from a splash of colour and a new character set. 6/10

Dilwyn: It has a facility to use the printer if desired and the computer can run a rival firm. Perhaps there could be some educational uses here. 6/10