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Vortex Software
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Gathering together the unique Costa Panayi's best-known efforts, Vortex has released a four-game package of past hits. In reverse chronological order the compilation comprises Revolution - smart-headed ball solves problems on a suspended block platform, CRASH Smash October 1986 (Issue 33, page 16, 91%); Highway Encounter - pepper-pot droids nudge an alien-destroying device down the only motorway left in town, Crash Smash September 1985 (Issue 20, page 122, 95%); Tornado Low Level - enemy-blasting jet-fighter game, CRASH review August 1984 (Issue 7, page 14, 81%); and Android Two - metallic hero seeks enlightenment in a maze swarming with nasties, CRASH Game of the Month March 1984 (Issue Two, page 13, 90%).

As a software house Vortex has been with us since the earliest days; there have been few, but highly selective, releases from the hands of their main man, Costa Panayi. The records of success is indeed impressive - the average of the CRASH overall ratings for the four games included in this parcel is an astonishing 89.25%.

There's little else to add to what we've said in the past about each game, except that 3D The Best of Vortex is well worth getting even if you're missing just one of the games included.


Not Rated

Screenshot Text

Smart ball in Revolution, Costa Panayi's most recent hit.

A screen from Highway Encounter - pepperpots are GO!