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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Marcus Berkmann
Chris Bourne

Corky compilation, far superior to the first 6-Pak package. International Karate (Feb '86) is an unoriginal beat-'em-up, but otherwise the standard's consistently high. Lightforce (Dec '86) and Shockway Rider (April '87) were the first releases from Gargoyle offshoot FTL, and each in its own way is a brilliant achievement on the Speccy: Lightforce, a detailed and addictive (though not terribly swift) shooter and Shockway, a multi-speed scroller of urban walkways in a mugger-infested future. ACE (Oct '86) is the fastest (but also the most graphically primitive) of all aerial-zapping simulations, while into The Eagle's Nest (May '87) was one of the best of the Gauntlet variants and certainly the most popular. Finally, there's a game called Batty, which you may well have heard about! All in all, a fine collection.


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