Visions Software
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ZX Spectrum 48K

Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

Vision has four packages covering the chemistry syllabus. The first one, entitled Nature Of Matter, starts off by quizzing the user on his knowledge of apparatus. A definition appears on the screen - for example, 'needed for some purity tests' - and two clues are provided if wrong answers are given. This section also includes tests on separation techniques.

The course then proceeds to deal with atomic structure, particles, the periodic table and electronic configuration, acids and bases, salt preparation and identification, pH values and ion tests, and reactions. There is also a guide to accompany the package with tables of chemical data.

The other three packages in the chemistry series cover energy and reaction equilibria; nonmetals, air, and water; and metals and carbon.

Though Vision markets these packages as being for the 11-to-16 age range, the science units are more suitable for older pupils taking GCSE and 16+ courses - there are only a few topics in the chemistry units with the easy C grading.


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