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Visions Software
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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

The first of four physics units from Vision Software, this package covers pressure and density, forces, motion and the motor car. As with all the company' s educational packages, a variety of questioning techniques is used - when studying density, for example, the user is asked to indicate with a yes/no response whether he agrees with a number of statements such as' The volume of a sample of material equals its density divided by its mass'.

When the correct response ('no) is given, the computer explains that volume equals mass divided by density. But if a question is answered wrongly, four possible answers are put on the screen, and the student tries to choose the correct one.

The section on pressure and density ends with a test on Hooke's Law, mass and weight, and the differences between them. In forces, the most difficult question set is on the principles of moments, while the easiest option covers Archimedes' principle.

The final unit is on the motor car, and divides its subject into the engine, the electrical system, the fuel system, the transmission system and auxiliary systems.

The accompanying booklet has tables and figures for specific topics, as well as a list of abbreviations.

Vision Software's three other units on physics cover energy and matter, sound and optics, and electricity and electronics, and together the four packages provide a comprehensive revision course.


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Examining force and motion in Vision Software's Physics.