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E&J Software
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Sport: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Phil King
Chris Bourne

If you think one day cricket is boring (which I don't!) then you'd better avoid Test Master, again from E & J. The game is very similar to Cricket Master but is a simulation of a complete five day test match. The game is just like going to see every day of a test match - inevitably tedium soon sets in.

Most options are identical to those in Cricket Master. An extra feature allows you to declare your score if you're winning and running short of time. There is also a light meter; if the light gets too dim, the batting side can choose to stop play till it improves.

There are six and a half computer hours of playing time per day and this is reduced after each over, depending on how fast the bowler is. The game takes absolutely ages to play and, like the real thing, is a lot less exciting than one day cricket.



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Could you stand five days of this?