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Keith Pirie
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

THIS IS is a simple little program aimed at the 9-12 age group, which tests children's knowledge of a variety of abbreviations. Solve all the abbreviations correctly and Colin Clever will reach the top of the class, before Dennis Dunce reaches the bottom.
In the first of two programs most of the abbreviations are simple: pto, mpg, AD and BC. But there are also a few testing ones like BEM, FO, RUC, and OHMS. When there is more than one answer to an abbreviation, for example PC could mean Police Constable or Privy Councillor, the computer will accept all the possible responses.

Abbreviations II uses slightly more difficult teasers like PAYE and WRNS, and this time the characters are Kati Clever and Denise Dunce! I felt that, although the presentation in Abbreviations I and II was quite attractive, the programs offered little enjoyment value. However, it does provide an alternative means of testing knowledge, and for some pupils it may act as a helpful resource for reinforcing abbreviations.


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