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Flexibase Software
David Wornham
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

THE FlRST of Flexibase's police programs aims to promote crime prevention to all age ranges. Each time the program is used, the computer selects five questions from a bank of over forty, each with a choice of three answers. The user might be asked: What can attract a burglar?

1 Window Lock
2 Burglar Alarm
3 Newspapers In Letter Box

Or another question might be...

When leaving your car even for a few minutes, should you...

1 Lock The Doors
2 Shut The Windows
3 Both?

If the correct answer is chosen, a picture of a thieving magpie slow generates onscreen. At the end, a total score is given together with the message LOCK OUT CRIME. Although laudable in its aim, I felt that this program needs to provide much more of an incentive for the user to be correct than the creation of a picture (the content of which can be quickly guessed).

Magpie is priced at £5 on cassette or microdrive, or as one of four programs including Police Patrol Quiz on a compilation disk for £10.


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